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Friday, 22 January 2016


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“Mummy! Mummy!! Mummy!!! Where is Daddy?” Simon asked his mother.
He and his mother had been waiting at the bus station for over an hour since their landlord had thrown them out of the 3 bedroom flat they had occupied for close to a year without paying the rent.

Daddy and Mummy had not been in good terms and mostly went to bed holding grudges against each other. It was mainly because Mummy was earning more than Daddy and was taking care of the bills in the home while Daddy had been jobless for years and had bluntly refused to do anything about it. In all these, he never appreciated the good things his wife did to keep the family together.

“Where did you get the money that you used in preparing this meal?”
“What kind of question is that na? Can’t I cook for my family again?” Mummy would reply.
“I do not want to feed from the proceeds of fornication o.”
This was an example of the kind of arguments that Mr and Mrs Ajayi consistently had. It was not the first time a landlord would serve them a quit notice. One could compare them to nomads moving from place to place. In fact, this was the third rented apartment they were sent packing from.

Mr Ajayi was a source of tears in the family as he owed debts to everyone in any neighbourhood they lived in. He sometimes went as far as obtaining money from people by tricks. It usually ended up with angry people or the police knocking at the door asking for payments of what he owed. As usual, Mrs Ajayi would always rise to the occasion and settle the bills. Once, he was arrested at his workplace for a case of fraud and taking company loans without refunding them. His wife went through thick and thin to ensure that he did not end up in jail and yet, he repaid her and the children with more disgrace and sorrow.
“Simon, let us go. Your Daddy has run away.” She replied.
“Run away ke?. Let us call brother Tim and tell him o.”
“We will my dear, we will.”

Timothy was Simon’s elder brother whom was studying in the University. He was in his third year, studying Banking and Finance. He had been the only one man enough to confront his father’s disgraceful actions. But now he was too far away in Akure facing his academic pursuits. Hs mother had sold stones and taken loans to see him through the University and it was his dream to make her proud. How was he going to take the news of his family’s eviction and the sudden disappearance of his father?

Mrs Ajayi felt she had had enough. She could not bear another journey of disgrace. It was God’s answer to her midnight tears and grumbles. She always kept a bright smile in public but this cancer of a husband was eating her soul away in bits. She would do anything for her children to be successful but not this infidel. Women were to be submissive to their husbands but not to one that could not take care of their homes.

It has been six years since Daddy ran away from home and is yet to return. He calls his children over the phone once in a blue moon to meet at designated points to say horrible things about their mother, but they are grown and can tell that all he does is tell lies. He looks older than he is because he has not been feeding well and has no one to take care of him. He feels he has peace of mind but one can spell torment from the wrinkles on his forehead. What could have happened if he did not run away?

Many children have had to grow up without Daddy being around. They celebrate birthdays and holidays with Daddy living somewhere like a juvenile at age forty plus, simply because he has refused to shoulder responsibilities that come with being the head of the home. They all have different tales of how irresponsible Daddy was. These children good or bad eventually become a product of the actions taken by Daddy.

Ask yourself, what kind of Daddy shall I be? Would I run away from home? Or Would I be a pillar for those that need me?
Don’t be a runaway fool!

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