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Sunday, 31 January 2016


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Hello dear reader, this is a continuation of the EXPERIMENT 1. It makes more sense after reading the first part. Do have an enjoyable time!

Present Day…

Out of an excess of caution, they each picked gas masks and got kitted, as if they expected some sort of foul gas to go off in the process. They’ve heard of several disastrous outcomes from similar projects in times past and so, all available caution was used, though they were almost sure none of such would occur.  Dr. Natalia was more intelligent than Dr. Ayinka had imagined. Her creative ideas and series of sleepless nights, joint with what he and Mr. Hook added had brought the project to this stage. They were ready to initiate the synthesized fluid into the first twenty models.

Since that morning the moment after his presentation when Dr. Ayinka had received the call from Prof Lukas to be part of the research team, his life and career had taken a different course. He had met the Prof the following morning in his executive office for further job description but what awaited him was something different. There was a deal on the table, he could either take or leave it. The Prof was not a man to mince words. He had said it out the way it was, owing no apology. "I have a private project I’m running in an underground facility, south of the province. It’s a multi-million dollar project. Just like yours, it will change the world for good. When we drive away evil, isn’t it good we have?" He continued. "I call it Project LIFE. I have employed scores of qualified scientists down there and they’re working day and night to produce results. If you help me complete my project, I’ll give you all the support you need to execute yours." The professor had taken another sip of his brewing coffee and waited for the perplexed doctor to make a choice. As discomforting as it had sounded, he couldn’t have travelled all the way to Bratislava to achieve nothing so he made a deal. "Very well then, let’s go for a drive." The old man was impressed.

At first when they had gotten to the site, Dr Ayinka thought it was a dilapidated building damaged by fire, not until the Prof had entered inside, pressed a hidden button on a wall and entered a security code. Immediately, the floor before them opened and a stairway was visible. The Prof had smiled at the surprised expression on his face as they stepped down several feet. "This is my playground. You won’t believe how long it took to make this a reality. Come this way let me show you something." The place was as busy as any major laboratory he had been to.  When they walked past his busy workers who were scattered at various units dressed up in surgical masks, gloves and coats, they bowed their heads to acknowledge the Prof. He barely looked like he noticed them. "Each month, I pay these men the kind of money they’d never see in a year. The project is that sensitive. It’s bigger than money, it’s bigger than power, it’s life itself. The future will ever remain indebted to us when we launch this project." Dr. Ayinka was astonished at the complexity and the level of equipment in the bioengineering lab. 

Prof Lukas had walked into another section, more private than others. It was lined with multiple columns of model humans suspended by intricate connection of hoses and steel frames. The door had closed behind them as they got in. Dr. Ayinka had felt a wave of discomfort and suspicion rising inside him. "Professor Lukas, this looks more like a bioengineering laboratory. I’m sorry, my field is Botany." The professor had given him a brief look with amusement on his face and chuckled. Then suddenly, his voice and composure went grim. "Once upon a time, a certain man got into the university to study medicine. Today, he’s a hero, one of the world’s most celebrated physicists. His name is Galileo. I don’t need a Botanist; this project needs the best of creative and motivated minds on it. This is your chance to make the world see the genius in you. Everybody in this building, right now, holds the key to a new tomorrow."
"What role am I expected to play then?" he had asked, still not quite sure of where the old man was heading. "That’s the first question you’ve asked so far. Now would you please come with me? There’s someone you should meet."
They had walked into an enclosed office area where they met a familiar lady. As if she was expecting their arrival, she rose and received them politely. "It’s a pleasure meeting you again Dr. A-yin-ker." He had reached out to her extended hand and grabbed it in a handshake. She was Dr. Natalia. "I believe you’ve met Dr. Natalia. She’s an expert in Microbiology, the only graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with an honorary award from the White House. Impressive right? I’m sure you two will have a good time getting acquainted." That was all the professor said before leaving. The female doctor had given him a reassuring smile before presenting to him a rundown on what he needed to know.

As much as he could understand, it was a project that was similar to his, but the end user organism was the homo sapiens. They were to study a certain hormone in the body; adrenaline, and afterwards synthesize it, add more characteristics to its natural form and if the accuracy level was right, initiate it into the organism. The speed, strength, and other abilities of this new creature would only be imaginable, a perfect soldier for the military, an unbeatable weapon of destruction—good destruction. That’s how he ended up with Dr. Natalia on the classified project. The technologist from Singapore was later introduced to the two-man group at 80 percent completion. His role was only required then.

Today, they were about to induce the fluid into a set of biologically developed humans. These humans were not the regular kind of humans. They looked more like the fallen angels of biblical times. Their sizes were massive, their bone densities enriched with high levels of calcium and phosphorus. After the initiation, the scientists would observe their reactions and interactions with one another. They would also observe their senses, vitals, ability to obey commands and sense of judgment before putting them to the ultimate test. The twenty models were all sealed in separate cylinders enclosed by a see-through mother structure where they could receive nutrition and pass out wastes through series of computerized hoses. Everything was remotely operated and the three watched from a wide polycarbonate glass window, a composite material which had enough strength to withstand impact, just in case things didn’t get punchy.

The whole building was installed with cameras and everything monitored by the great Lukas from afar. He was the one to give the go gunshot. "Prof, we’re ready to proceed," Dr. Natalia spoke into the receiver. "Proceed then. I have faith in you all." That was all they required to press the green button which the female doctor had in hand. Casting a quick glance of affirmation at her colleagues, she pressed her thumb on the remote control device and the fluid was released into the models.
To be continued…


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