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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

HOW TO MEET YOUR MARK THIS 2016! --TeamGistCreek

Many of us have laid down budgets, plans and made adjustments in a bid to succeed in a wider capacity this New Year. In order to meet your marks or targets, you must have the following ingredients to bring your plans to life:
In whatever you lay your hands on, you can only flourish when you have the help of the Divine. Trust in God; commit all your plans to Him.
Before one sets out for the farm, he must have a hoe, a machete and other tools. In the same way, you must first of all identify your problem and find the adequate means to solve it.
Many people make the mistake of always putting all their eggs in one basket. A real hustler does not play by this rule. Don't rule out failure in your plan. If plan-A fails, what happens then? Always have a backup plan.
Avoid being lazy or procrastinating. If you've set out to achieve something, then put all your energy in it. Do not be distracted by luxuries or emotions. Look forward.
If you must be a success, if you’re to meet your targets, you must let go of friends that have nothing to offer. Why walk with a pessimist or a lazy ass? Surround yourself with prosperous people who share your dreams to make it and who believe in your dreams.
Sometimes our plans may not unfold the way we envisaged but learn to believe in yourself. Learn to be your own strength even when the walls around you are crumbling. Always believe you’re a Star!

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