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Friday, 22 January 2016

MY AFRICA --by Rose

(Image source: www.dreamstime.com)

Let it sound from the mountains
Let it echo in the valleys
Like the sound of rushing wind
As the cattle scurry
As the birds take flight
When the sound of Africa is heard
The sound of drums
Ululations and horns
My Africa is beautiful
So am I

Africa, my mother
Womb that birthed me
Berries that fed me
Herbs that healed my flesh
Your rivers quenched my thirst
And I worshipped them
Africa, the essence of all life
My Africa is beautiful
So am I

Your land is greatly watered
By gold, oil and silver
But all lost in the bellies
Of your chosen leaders
Sons and daughters
For how long
Shall the hero be a slave?
Africa subject of mockery
You who once had glory
Your rubies are lost
Beyond this lands
In foreign saves

But I look upon you with hope
Great beauty
Squashed like sour pomegranate
I have hope,
As the star glitters each night
So shall you recover strength
And regain your honour
Beyond this lands
On foreign cliffs

I will dance for you
I will wriggle my waist
To your drugging rhythms
I will drown in your river
You give me life
I will burn in your fires
Remake me
There is hope mother
I smile at it
My Africa is beautiful

So am I

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