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Saturday, 9 January 2016

BIAFRA KE? --by Kreed



It is in the nature of man to forget the past once he sets out on a greedy quest. The bloody Civil war of 1967-1970, was one that could have been completely avoided, if the two men at the helm of the respective divide, swallowed their pride, dropped their ego and shifted their stance, for the sake of the unforeseen losses that was experienced during the war.

It's just pathetic to know that the selfishness of a few individuals can result to so many bloodbaths. What annoys me more however is this, the certain few never—I repeat; never pay the ultimate price which is death. I'm no sadist but if anyone has no problem watching others die for their greedy cause, then they don't deserve to live.

About 50YEARS after that war, history is about to repeat itself. A different set of generation, being instigated by another selfish individual, is about to make that same mistake. Sadly, a similar method used by the dreaded boko haram group, has been used to draw sympathisers to their camp. The employment issue of this country has been exploited several by unscrupulous and greedy individuals, who feed most of these unemployed and uneducated individuals lies, telling them what they want to hear, not necessarily the truth.

Fine, I agree the marriage has been far from ideal but the question we should ask ourselves is this: Is it really the case of marginalisation by the government at the federal level or the underperformance of the respective state government in this self-seeking independent region? The ignorance of these protesters is on another level. The mastermind behind this plot must be sipping champagne by the pool side, while the pawns continue to roast under the scourging sun for a shady cause.

Well, it is obvious these misguided folks have forgotten so soon, their current protest is just one of the many scam campaigns which has led to blood shed of many innocent Nigerians instigated by some egotistical hypocrites. I’ll start with the Niger Delta Militants, while the obviously had a far better pretext for their fracas against the government than this current Biafra campaign by individuals with parochial mindsets, the masterminds behind this campaign had their secret agenda.  

Their claimed aim was just a mask for their key agenda, which of course was a share of the country’s national moi-moi. The environmental degradation of the Niger Delta region is still going unabated and these so called liberators have suddenly turned blind towards these and a host of other issues for which they so much killed for. The other day, I came back from Church to meet two police convoys parked in front of our home. When I inquired from our neighbour who they came with, he told me it was one of the militant kingpins. Up until that day, I never knew they were entitled to official security. For the curious cats, he had actually come to inspect one of his many lands. Yes, you can say that again, they’re living large while the injustice in that region continues unabated. It’s all they wanted, the riches and nothing more.   

The boko-haram violence is the most incensing. How can anybody be foolish enough to strap a bomb around his/her body, just because someone, obviously cleverer, had convinced them to do so? This is far from ignorance. Words can’t describe this. This group is yet to actually tell us what they’re fighting for, so I won’t waste any second on their matter. But my point is this, those behind the plot, would never send their kids or go by their selves into the fray. If they were truly fighting for a cause, they would be at that war front with you, not behind their closets. Don’t fall a victim to this deception. Read between the lines and learn to see behind the castle walls.

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  1. Foolish blog...Foolish writer(s)
    If u don't know history keep ur mouth shut
    Don't have time to give u a history lesson


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