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Monday, 18 January 2016

BLUSH QUEEN --by Kreed

(Image source: www.beautyscene.net)

She smiled and my heart beat raced
She blushed and it picked more pace
She had a beautiful frame; like the tower of Pisa
I could call her Mona Lisa

Her hairdo; it was curly and new
Her grace as radiant as ever
And like the morning dew
Her charm, stronger than laser

Her lips; a pair of temptations 
Agape; my only expression
All I yearned for;  osculations
She had become my obsession

Her eyes; I was lost in her stares
Her touch numbed me upstairs
It felt like walking on stars
The gentleness healed my scars

She left and took the whole fire
All alone, I could hear the silence
Her presence was my desire
Tonight, I was rewarded her absence

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