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Monday, 18 January 2016


(Image source: www.gettyimages.com)

I could look into your eyes for eternity
Reveling your unparalleled beauty
Breathing this air of freedom 
You liberate my soul
Inhaling the fragrance of your perfume
I could get lost in you
Your voice is pure magic
Music to my ears
Calming every nerve
You are my fire
My lust, my power
I’m mad in love
I cleave to your words
Promises of infinity 
Dying in your arms
With you beside me
Under the Juniper
I could be your always
You; my forever
Until the sun sets and passion fades
Bones aged,  faces wrinkled
Only love etched in old hearts 
Love has conquered time.. 
Ageless love 
Our hearts beat as one 
Always & forever
 Till we die in each other

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