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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

LOVERBOY 3 --by Nickz

(Image source: screen capture from "street dance")

Hello dear reader, this publication is a sequel to LOVERBOY 1 & 2. We hope you enjoy the story.

“Girls, K-swag asked me out!” Adesua announced to her roomies as she threw her handbag on the mattress and spread her hands excitedly like she was expecting a hug for wining a Grammy. She could see the oval shapes of wow on their faces. Eki was the first to speak. “For real? How did you do it? Babe I de feel your levels o!” She didn’t hesitate to tell them everything. She had made one thing clear in the process; there was no love involved, it was just a means to an end game. The celebrity life is all she had always wanted. Though she had agreed to go on a date with Kelly, she wouldn’t make it that easy for him. That was why she deceived her roomies just to make her plans work. “Girls, you know the best part of the whole thing? He said you two can come along! The guy’s really crazy about spending. I can’t wait for Saturday o!” The oval shapes of ‘wow’ on Eki and Aimiuwu’s faces changed to a complete O shape of amazement. They couldn’t believe the news. This was like free tickets to an end of year Basketmouth show in Sheraton Hotels. When they all absorbed the news, all they could wish for was the arrival of Saturday.

Kelly’s silver Honda pulled up in front of Adesua’s apartment. He was ready for the 150km trip to Banana Resort in Calabarr with her. It was in a neighbouring state and it would take about two hours to reach their destination. That’s why he came by 9am to pick up his date, they had to come back the same day. He really hoped the young lady would be ready on time. He didn’t bother to drop from his car to check her inside. He just gave her a call and she picked on the first ring. “Dearie, sorry, we’re almost done. I can see your car outside. Just give us five more minutes. Thanks darling.” Kelly was a little bemused. What did she mean by “we”?  What was she up to? Kelly got the answer to his questions when he saw three angelic ladies stepping out of the door, all with handbags and glittering accessories. They looked really hot but Adesua still beat them all. So this was her plan? He chuckled in amusement and promised not to show any surprise at the unexpected development. These carnivores were out to devour his account.

“Good morning K!” they said one after the other as they got in. Adesua took the front seat, leaning over to give Kelly a hug. She saw a tiny look of surprise on his face and she winked at him in a way that silently said, “I know this wasn’t the plan but don’t worry.”
The ride to the resort was more enjoyable than he had thought. In addition to the cool tracks from Tu-baba’s Ascension album, the girls didn’t stop to chatter and comment on anything of interest they saw. In roughly two hours time, they were at the resort.

The entrance to the resort was a long asphalt driveway lined and beautified with well trimmed miscellaneous flowers on both sides, all combining to give a serene and tranquil view. Everything about the environment was so fascinating as they alighted and commenced their tour; the well sculptured cultural monuments, the high rise fountain that sprouted like series of volcanoes, the massive and inviting six feet swimming pool, the shopping malls, the cable cars, the amusement parks, the canoe hire tour, and all were simply indescribable. The girls were all enthusiastic they wanted to take selfies at almost every section they got to. Kelly was impressed. He was the man of the moment. He was glad they were all having a good time.

After a couple of fun activities including horse riding and swimming, they realized how time was fast running. It was already four thirty pm. The girls were all hungry and Kelly was happy to be their host. There were series of cafeterias of different categories with different varieties. Adesua had a strong affinity for expensive things and so she urged Kelly to go for the VIP cafeteria, which he did gladly. The four orders arrived at their table in few minutes. The richness of the meal could have made a poor man salivate and curse poverty. They all dived into their sumptuous plates, pulling every piece of flesh from the chicken lapses, chatting excitedly in the process. They had also ordered two bottles of red wine and some fruit salad.

Kelly was about starting his own meal when he recalled something. “Oh, my drugs!” The ladies looked up at him in concern. “What drugs sweetie?” Adesua asked affectionately. “I take my gastric medication before every meal. I think I left them in the car.” The three ladies urged him to go for it while they continued their meal. “Just a minute ladies.” He excused himself and headed for the car at the parking lot. As if the ladies were waiting for his exit, they immediately opened their gossip chambers. “This guy is really crazy about you o! See as we just de chop for him head!” Eki started. Adesua smiled, pleased that she’s the reason for the season, sorry, jolliness. “He has not started o. You know me now, Ade Hot, the number one babe on campus. Before he sees the promise land, my whole wardrobe would be transformed. Babes make una enjoy jor! Maga don pay.” The two friends cheered her excitedly, calling her all the sweet names they could.

Kelly was already speeding out of the Banana Resort before one could count to twenty. There was nothing like gastric medication. That was the plan; to leave Adesua in the strange place and return to campus, which was at least two hours away. It became more exciting when he found out the two roommates were tagged too. He knew it was an outright attempt to cook his goose, as far as the date was concerned. She really wanted to make another fool of him, just like the previous time. There was no iota of change in her. For all he knew, she deserved the punishment, they all deserved it.

It was ten minutes since Kelly left for his medication and was not yet back. His meal and wallet was on the table. Maybe he’s in trouble or something, Adesua thought. She dialed his number but it was switched off. “What could have happened? Do you think he’s okay?” Aimiuwu expressed her worry. Let’s get to the car and see if everything’s fine.” Adesua suggested but as they were almost leaving, they were interspersed by the arrival of the waiter. “Excuse me ladies. Aren’t we forgetting something? Here’s the bill.” She had completely forgotten the meal was not paid for. Why was Kelly not back to handle this? “Sorry about that, I thought the person we came with had settled the bill. He left to get something from the car, should be here soon.” The waiter stretched out the bill to Adesua and she received the small piece of paper. The figures on the paper were nothing compared to its size! “Twelve thousand, six hundred naira!” She exclaimed. Just then, she remembered Kelly’s wallet on the table. That was such a relief. She rushed for it and opened. The wallet could have been completely empty if not for a piece of paper with a note on it. she slowly opened the note and it read:

“It was a fun day I guess; the swimming and all the tour. I just felt you should take care of the food bills and when you’re done, I wish you a safe trip back to campus. Next time, you’ll learn to treat people like humans. Say me hi to your roomies.”

When Aimiuwu saw the discomposed expression on Adesua’s face, she rushed over to read the content of the note in her hand, same with Eki. Their blood ran cold. The waitress was waiting for her money. It was getting dark. The trip home was far. They couldn’t afford a hotel to sleep over. Something had to be done but she had no idea what should be. Adesua knew the whole campus was going to hear of this evil masterminded by Kelly. She understood why Kelly acted so nice and forgiving. It was a revenge mission. She’d be the subject of mockery and scorn this semester and beyond. It was all too much to bear. Eki turned to Adesua and asked in an unhappy tone, “You brought us here to shame us abi? Thank you very much!” She stormed out of the cafeteria and Aimiuwu followed her.

The End


  1. Lmao.. This is one hell of a story...

  2. We really appreciate your visits and comment Miss Uzoamaka. Thank you. Keep visiting for more.


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