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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

EYE CONTACT --by Nickz

This happens every day; talking without words. I’m not referring to the deaf and dumb finger communication. I’m talking about the first step to “love/war at first sight”—the communication that transpires from the mind through the eyes.

I once went to a bank to make deposit. There was a short queue and I humbly picked my space behind the last person. Few minutes later, a young man (probably a successful business man) with bundles of Clement Isong walks past everyone straight to the teller at the counter. I could see the female teller talking with him. He was clearly trying to jump the line and the teller was about to play along with him because they spoke the same language. I did not yell, “Don’t try it!” All I did was fix a strong and unfriendly stare at the lady until she could read my don’t-even-try-it message. She looked away and that’s how she suspended attending to the man until after few more customers on the queue.

Eye contact can communicate so much; it could be the starting point of a relationship. For instance, each time you turn your stare in that direction, you notice the guy or lady is also staring at you. Your eyes meet and you feel that awkward and unspoken words flowing between your minds. A connection has been established.
Once on a hot noon, I was ‘urically’ pressed as I walked along the road so I branched a nearby ‘hidden place’ to do the business. When I looked around properly, I noticed there was a very nearby compound with one of the female occupants staring at me like, what the hell does he want to do there. That’s how my fingers slid from my zippers to my pocket and I pulled out my phone instead. I had to fake a call just to get out of there and avoid any embarrassment.

Have you ever tried picking meat from the pot only to turn back and see your mom staring at you? Have you stood by the mirror to do a crazy pole dance only to notice your dad’s reflection behind yours? Tell us any interesting eye contact experience you’ve had in the comment box. We wonna hear yours.

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