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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Today was supposed to be my wedding anniversary, the fifth one. Somehow things had gone wrong; where, when and how they did? I couldn't figure out. Today was like a memorial for me, a recollection of something I found but lost. I sat on the sea shore reminiscing how Love triumphed over all, how he held me in his arms, how he smelt my hair and whispered sweet words of affection.

Love was lost and he began to nag at the slightest mistake. He would barge out of the house, calling me names and then he had asked for a divorce. I was devastated but I blamed myself for everything.

I was always competing to be the best and cause of envy within my circle of friends; I made sure I got married first and to a billionaire. They all wished for this but little did they know.

Well, this has taught me something spectacular about life. Life itself is a Journey, like traffic on a highway. Some people use the best of cars, some make do with bicycles, others use public transport systems and others go on foot. Along the way, some people fall off by accident or are forgotten by the drivers. Others get distracted by goods on the wayside, others just stop moving. During the journey, some cars are faster than others, others are slower and it goes on and on. The most important thing in this journey is this: the destination.

Learn to be patient and focused, we shall all get there. If I had waited a little longer, who knows? Maybe my own Journey would have been successful indeed.

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