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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Yea, Harmattan is nigh!
That season where fruits swell on trees,
Where kids bruise their knees,
Where we coil beneath sheets,
Wishing daybreak a snail speed.

Oh sweet Harmattan!
That season of merriment you bring,
 A reminder of a Great Offering,
A period of homecoming,
With lots for wining and dining.

My dear Harmattan!
Your yawn fills the earth with whiteness
Your breathe, an arid air of sweetness,
Without compressor or condenser,
You serve us chill water
And when we bath, we shiver.
Cream and gloss, our deliverer

I know you hear me Harmattan!
The season after my heart.
Now I pray when I get paired,
My half don’t take in each year,
For you arouse intimacy in matrimony,
And revive the spirit of harmony.

We welcome you Harmattan!

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