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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Edidiong was walking down to his work place one chill morning. Suddenly, his bowel started disturbing him badly. He sweated from head to toe under the chill morning weather. All he needed was a place to take a dump. Most buildings around were business centers with no guarantee of a lavatory.

Edidiong was desperate and walking became burdensome.  Just as he was about losing hope, he saw his salvation; a bank. He walked in like every other customer and located the convenience. Losing his belt took split seconds and in no time, he was letting go his load. He took a heavy breathe of relief and smiled. 

Turning round to cut wipes, he realized the wipe roll was empty! In fact, the only papers around were his credentials in his portfolio. He just sat there and contemplated his fate. 
Today, may the solution to one problem not bring a bigger problem for you. Have a blissful day friends!

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