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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Procrastination is the act of waiting for the right time or better still, waiting for everything to be perfect. As we talk about this, you’ll realize this time-devourer is a product of fear. Hope you don’t mind if I ask, what will you be remembered for when you die? Is it the things you thought of doing or the things you actually did? No wonder the grave is said to be the richest place on earth.

How many of your plans did you achieve last year? Why did you abandon those beautiful intentions? Do you think tomorrow is going to get more rosy? Let me guess; you’re afraid of failure, someone discouraged you or you’re still dwelling in the phobia of the last experience. Well, what I will say is, dust off the inertia and get rolling, life is full of challenges. That’s one thing I’ve learnt from video games, there is always going to be a stage that’ll be so difficult, at some point you will think it’s impossible to actually progress but after so many trials and setbacks, you’ll finally prevail and sometimes, you’d be surprise to see that it was not as difficult as you had thought and the solution was right in front of you. Then there is that feeling of invincibility when you excel, “Yes! I’ve passed that stage”. Life is like a game, tribulations make it adventurous and overcoming them makes it fun.

Then there is the suspense part; that feeling of anxiety, the feeling that makes you yearn to know what will happen if you try. Stop sitting and thinking of what will happen if you eventually try, rather, try and see what actually happens when you do. Like Cold Play sang in their song ‘‘Fix You’’, “If you never try, you’ll never know.” Stop hiding or running away from challenges, make yourself available. How can this be done? By simply trying!

Overcome your fears. Fear is just a means deployed by the devil to distract you from what’s true. Fear is just a means deployed by the devil to prevent you from achieving your goals. If you’re afraid of attempting that task, then you might never know what you’re capable of and you’re indirectly telling GOD that you don’t think HE is capable.

          Why waste your time procrastinating to tomorrow when it can be done today? Whatever you’re wasting time thinking of may look even bigger the more you delay. Why not use that time to do something positive today? Whatever will happen tomorrow depends on what you do today and not what you think today.

Life is a race, you don’t wait for the finish line, you run to the finish line. Don’t wait for your dreams, work towards actualising them. The sun rises and the sun sets, it waits for no man. So stop waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow has its own challenges…if it can be done today, then let it be done today. Don’t wait for the right time, create the right time.


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