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Thursday, 10 December 2015

PURITY --by Rose

Immersed in love and selflessness
Potted with clay of compassion
Your gentleness­ and tenderness;
Showers of sweet affection

Your lips utter words of comfort
The language of babes you fathom
Their cries, you convert to smiles;
 Dispensing life to fragile hearts

Yea, wise woman­; basin of wisdom­
Weaker vessel, yet strength you contain
The rod; your friend, yet you give freedom
You send away, yet you draw again

Our bond supersedes covalence
Your harness has ordered my path
Sieved out; all of me is essence
Soaring in clouds over life’s wrath

Though aged, your laughter swells my heart
What reflects you oh priceless art?
Wrinkles trapped in your smiles­­; redefined purity
I melt­ before your eyes, temple of true beauty

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