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Friday, 25 December 2015


Many times I wonder how the world became the way it is; everything including interhuman relationship is being "monetized". The society adores money; we worship it, we pray for it and place our faith in it. Many are driven to make wealth for a variety of reasons, often irrational. 

"When I make money I will drive the best cars, will date the most beautiful women," I often hear people say.

Making money or paper chasing ain't a bad thing. Everybody likes money but the purpose behind our money­making plans should not be based on booze,women, revenge or showing­off.

Look around you, there are orphans, less­privileged people, handicaps, hawkers et cetera. While you are working hard, think of how you can use your money and impact positively on the society: this alone validates true success.

Also remember that success is not a measure of how much money you have but its a measure of how many lives you  have changed for the better.
Have a positive money-making plan today!

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