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Thursday, 3 December 2015

VALUE (PART 1) --by Slick

While the aforementioned subject may have various definitions from different schools of thought, I have chosen to stick with the simplest one I could find from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary which defines Value as: “relative worth, utility (which of course means satisfaction derived from attaining something) or importance.”

Now back to the subject. I have sometimes just like everyone else sat down to think about what I was really born to do. It’s a mind-jolting question that anyone heading somewhere in life (good or bad) must ask him/herself. Let us put away sentiments and our factory installed ideologies on this subject and engages in this question and answer session. This has nothing to do with where you have been, where you are or your achievements. It has to do with YOU and of course me.

I would let you in on an already known secret closely guarded by the very successful people we hear or read about in journals, blogs and other sources of information. If you are currently asking yourself why you are unsatisfied with your current status or achievement; why you are not high and fly, why you are not in the public’s eye, why your surname doesn’t ring a bell, then it’s because you have failed to realize that the only way to be truly successful and satisfied in life is to start creating Value.
Nobody and I repeat, Nobody will be interested in investing in something that doesn’t create, contain or produce Value.  For anyone to be interested in you or want to invest in you then you should be able to create, produce or give out something that’s ‘worth it’, ‘satisfies’ or at least makes him or her feel good. Take a drug addict and a dealer as an example; the relationship between them merely exists because they both have something of value. Voila! The drug and the money. They probably wouldn’t have come in contact with each other if they didn’t have substance of value.

Another example would be that of a popular comedian or musician. The stadium, halls or event centres are usually packed to capacity because these entertainment figures contain or can provide value in the sense of laughter and good memories of dance and sweat. Therefore, sometimes when we are faced up against the wall or confused with our lives or unsatisfied, it’s naturally alright to ask ourselves if we are creating Value or possess something of Value that’s ‘worth it’, ‘truly satisfying’, or ‘investment worthy’. When you are about to apply for that next job, when you are not satisfied with your earnings, ask yourself, “Do I possess or can I create something of Value which deserves better rewards?”  If yes, be grateful that you have worked with or met people that don’t realize what level of value you possess then maybe your valuables would be appreciated elsewhere. If not, shut your mouth and be grateful for it. Start little, Improve and Explode.

The mystery people that we call Investors only put their resources in things that they think or forecast has Value. In other words, they are buying or investing in Value. Not something flashy or perishable.  I wouldn’t argue or say that I have all the right answers; but I think that the more valuable we are or shall I say the more Value we can create; the more satisfaction and direction we can get out of life.  After all said and written, the question that comes to mind would be; ‘How do I create Value?’ or ‘What’s the path to being Valuable?’

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