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Thursday, 3 December 2015

VALUE (PART 2) --by Slick

Thanks for making out time to follow this thread. So, where did we leave off our conversation? Oh yes, the path to creating Value.  I think the first most important thing would be to wipe out false ideologies which we already possess with any strong Anti-virus you may find, Avast maybe eh! Okay that was just to lighten up things.

For us to be truly Valuable, we must not immediately put our attention on the rewards that come with having an item or substance of Value rather we must be able and willing to determine what we possess that would be of value to someone that doesn’t possess. The preacher T.D Jakes calls this phase, ‘ The Reservation Stage’ but to lighten things up, let’s call it ‘The Give Yourself Brain Stage’. That point where you call yourself to order, the moment you realize that you can’t keep being a mediocre, discover innate skills, abilities, talents, something you don’t need to purchase with money. When this is done, we head to the ‘Workshop Stage’. The Workshop Stage can be compared to a manufacturing industry; it all begins with an Idea (Ideas in your head from the reservation stage) to the Machines that can process these materials (reading Literature related to your raw materials as well as Good and Unbiased Counselling and Personal resources including time and maybe money).

The next stage would be the ‘Fortification Stage’. Whether you like it or not, I would still have you know that we as humans are simply Spirits moving in Fleshy attire (Doubt me? Ever wondered the source of your voice when you speak and not the mechanism involved?). When you are out of the workshop, you need to jealously guard your item of Value if not, the first two stages have been a total waste of an item of Value (Item). Bros and Sis, you gast pray to whatever you worship or pay reverence to protect and direct you and your item of value to your point of delivery. Pray to be available where your valuables are needed and would be appreciated.

The final stage would be the ‘Entering and Staying Stage’. Everyone has been to the market place and everyone knows that different routes lead to the market; provided they lead to where you can purchase or sell items of Value. Realize that the route you choose is solely up to you and directions you obtained from the fortification stage. From here, it is evident that one must be careful not to skip the fortification stage so as not to end up in the wrong market or taking the wrong route as it would mean taking the stages over and again.

Staying in the market simply entails re-branding, evolving and displaying your wares or items of values. Boredom is the least thing you need to affect your Value. A lot of companies and successful entrepreneur go through this stage so as to ensure that people that hold them as valuable do not become bored or tired of seeing the same stuff over and again. Imagine if your wife or husband to be still has the same hair-do since the first time you met each other. Weird eh? So there you have it, all the stages to being Valuable or creating Value.

Please note that this is not a proven formula cooked up somewhere in the laboratory of my brain but it’s just me doing some self searching, knowing that if I write something of value, someone with something of value like a computer or phone with another valuable item (time), would be reading this and increasing his or her knowledge of how to be Valuable. So are you ready???

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