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Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Growing up with storybooks and Walt Dis­ney cartoons was much fun. Every young girl wanted to be Cinder­ella because she was very beautiful and fell in love with Prince Charming w­ho held her close to prevent her from falling. Who wouldn’t want a Prince Charming? He­ is every girl’s dream. A good number of ladies need Prince Charming and apart from his looks, he must have a pocket filled with golden coins!

Many women are caught up in this fantas­y until reality hits them hard. In today’s society most of our young wom­en are not ready to settle down with a struggling man. They need a "REA­DY-MADE man" who owns a car (a very important asset, a flashy one at t­hat), lots of money as well as a dream job. "After all, my frie­nds have rich guys. I can’t be left out." Well looking for a rich groo­m isn’t a problem but let’s be real; what if Prince Charming doesn’­t show up? Wetin you go do? You go wait grow white­ hairs abi? The fact is this; you are not marrying ­this guy for love. You are greedy. What if his source of income isn’t genuine? What if he is a drug baron, a porn star or a disguised maniac? You may end up a punching bag in matrimony and the riches won’t matter anymore, compared to your happiness.

Babe, please calm down o.­ Riches are not the only forms of wealth—virtue counts. Don’t worry about how much your friends will criticize you for your choice. Your life and happiness depends on you, not them. Let’s change this materia­listic mentality. I’m not saying you should end up with a nobody but marry a man with potentials, that’s hardworking and has a promising future. Be hard-working yourself; stop waiting for­ a man to empower you. Gone are those days. Move forward and stop waiting for Prince C­harming . . . the READY-MADE groom (him fit be Aba made o).

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