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Thursday, 3 December 2015


Divided by Language
Divided by Beliefs
Divided by Mountains
Divided by Rivers
Divided we stand
United we still stand

beautiful land
dessert sands and serene grasslands
hills and mountains
they stand tall as bamboos
and welcome us all
with their Nunu
land of people most hospitable
most kind! yet still suspicious
I salute you!

Home of Legends most Profound
glorious tales of battles well fought
children of Oduduwa
darkened and proud
you welcome us with "ewedu"
yours is a glorious heritage
yet still suspicious

Confluence city
food Basket
Center of our lives
Surrounded by the Niger and the Benue
you welcome us with Pounded yam
but I do not know where you stand
Are you also suspicious?

Land of great mysteries
Igbo-Ukwu ..exquisite creations
holding high their values and morals
eater of Kolanut
drinker of palmwine
hard worker! he must never go hungry
long live you!
yet you are the most suspected?

Minor yet mighty
holding the belly of our dear country
yet still starved in our own bounty
oil spillage,deaths and poverty
the most beaten! most unheard
yet we still rejoice
Home of great beauty
food so plenty
home of the "edikaikong"
home of the "banga"
come let us swim in our Deltas
one day it shall be better
Nigeria the giant of Africa
How great are your children
oppressed by few potbellies
One day we will all be free

Each to his Clan..

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