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Friday, 25 December 2015


"Madam dis your food no sweet!" An angry student screamed across the restaurant. Personally, I would have been very embarrassed if someone told me that.
The manner or approach employed while correcting a person could make the person resent you, become rude to you or turn a new leaf.

Correcting a person especially, an adult in a strong manner in public or in the presence of people is not wise. I have observed especially during conversations when one makes a blunder, we are fast to chip in what we feel is right. "Oh it's not fefer, it's fever." A friend arrives cheerfully but you observe a part of her dress is torn! Oh, and her make up; it's not cool, yet you choose to correct the person in the presence of others. This is very wrong. Why don't you whisper, "Excuse me dear, let's sit over there. I wonna
tell you something."

Correcting someone loudly often wounds their
self esteem, shattering their confidence and pride in themselves.
Avoid embarrassing people in the name of correction.

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