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Thursday, 10 December 2015


He almost didn’t believe it! It was like a dream. She had not only picked his call which was a rare phenomenon but had also told him he can come around her place by 5pm. Finally, he was going to get her after so much labour and persistence—the patient dog proverb was at work. Adesua being his girl would mean him walking round the campus with his chest out. This was his chance to show the beauty he was the right guy for her. His pounding heart indicated he was all nerves.

After lectures, Kelly rushed back to his off-camp apartment and took a long, soapy bath. He was almost sure he glittered. He selected a good casual shirt and a blue pair of jeans trousers from his not-quite-expensive collection of wears. He brushed up his moccasin and looked ready to take the world—or Adesua. When he stepped out to be seen, his two roomies cheered him, “You’re the man! Go get the babe man!” Aigbedion, one of his roomies advised him to stop by a super mart and pick up something nice for the young lady. Left to him, such an idea wouldn’t have found its way into his head but he was willing to be an attentive student. Kelly felt grateful for having such supportive roomies; their air of vivaciousness dampened his nervousness such that he barely realized he was sweating. He was about stepping outside when Charles, his other roommate rushed up behind him. “Hey man, keep this in your pocket, you never know how it’s gonna end. Thank me later.” When Charles removed his palm from his, Kelly could see what he was placing in his palm; a pack of Durex. He wanted to laugh but found his nervousness returning.

The Big-C mart was rich with almost everything that a supper mart should boast of. The problem now was for Kelly to know the right thing for the lady he’s been crushing on. It was his first chance that will open—or close the door. He roamed the rows for several minutes, not sure if to settle for snacks, deodorant, wine, or candies. His confusion worsened each minute. Using a lifeline became unavoidable so he dialed Charles’ number. “Charlie I’m stuck here. I need help man. What do you think I should pick up? I’m at Big-C.” Charles was laughing at him, making some suggestion that made Kelly panic the more. “Hey don’t sweat it bro. Okay, here we go. You know her boob size?  Just get her a pair of bras. Back it up with some strings if you know what I mean.” He laughed again and Kelly had to be patient for the joke to be over. “I’m kidding man. Don’t they have non-alcoholics there? Pick up a bottle of fruit wine with some cookies or cake or some good snacks. Pringles and Chamdor would be fine. Get out of there man before she changes her mind.” In spite of his lousy humor, Kelly knew he was a reliable asset.

The door was right before him, closed. Raising his fist to knock was a task that required a deep breath and lots of courage. He was there on time but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the moment. Before he could knock his fist on the wooden door, it opened from the inside. Right before him was Adesua’s roommate, Eki. Her smile meant she knew about his coming and that he was welcome, though it looked so plastic. Probably she had spotted him from the window, he guessed. He was ushered into the room and given a seat at the table. Kelly before taking the seat exchanged pleasantries with Aimiuwu, Adesua’s other roommate. He couldn’t help observing how randomly organized their table was; piles of hand-outs, make-up sets, a jewelry tray filled with earrings, necklaces and more blings, a shaving stick, a long mirror leaning, a used cup of tea with spoon in it, strands of hair and a big comb—all littered the plastic table. It was clear Adesua wasn’t home. Eki explained she had gone for some sort of rehearsals and would be back shortly. He was okay with that, though he couldn’t tell why the two girls were trying to suppress giggles. Had he done anything funny? He felt uncomfortable sitting there idly, besides, the ladies did not look like they wanted to have a conversation with him as they went back to the movie they were watching with a laptop—earphones on. From his observation, the big mattress on the tiled floor which they lay on was wide enough for even four. He was grateful he didn’t share mattress with Charles and Aigbedion, they all used separate beds. He could only imagine how awkward it would feel having Charles’ sweaty body roll to touch him.

The time indicated he had spent forty-five minutes. To Eki and Aimiuwu, he did not exist. Their little cinema mattered more. It was getting dark and he was becoming bored of playing Zuma with his phone so he tried calling Adesua for the first time since he arrived. As he dialed her digits, his screen displayed ‘number busy’. He tried three more times and got the same display. Maybe she was on her way back and couldn’t pick the call in the vehicle, he thought. Kelly was compelled to draw the attention of Eki. “What time do they finish the rehearsals? You said she wouldn’t take long.” They both looked up from their movie. “She’ll be back soon, maybe it’s traffic. Have you tried calling her?” He told her the response he got when he tried. When Aimiuwu and Eki heard that, they exchanged glances and suppressed giggles before going back to their movie. Kelly knew something wasn’t right. He needed some fresh air so he stepped outside to the porch. It was still dusk, few minutes from then, it would be darkness. He was determined to wait a little more. What could have taken her so long? Why wasn’t she picking calls? And the giggling; what tickled the two girls? She had said he can come around by 5pm which he did. So why wasn’t she there?

His thought was killed as bright light from car headlamps blinded his vision temporarily. The car steered into the compound and the strong light died out with the engine sound. The inner light came to life and he could see the occupants of the car, both in the front seat. He could recognize only one—Adesua. The driver, a well-built young man with blings on the neck leaned over and gave her a kiss right on the lips. She rubbed his head and smiled, stuffing an envelope into her purse before stepping out the car. There was nothing more to tell. Kelly, as much as he tried to suppress his rising emotion managed to check himself. As she reached the porch, all she could do was utter a flimsy ‘Hey what’s up, you came around’. Kelly managed to speak after serious contemplation. “I thought you said I can come around by 5?” She seemed to focus more on the gum in her mouth, treating him like he was a complete douchebag. She turned and faced him. “Exactly what I said dear. And you did come around, didn’t you? I didn’t say I’m gonna see you by 5 so? As you can see, I’m just back from somewhere. Would it be too much to ask for some me-time?” Kelly could see her two roommates peeping from the door way, giggling audibly. Eki was extending the gift bags he left in their room to him. He was screwed over.


  1. Can't wait for the continuation of this story

    1. Well, well, LOVERBOY was not meant to be series. Nevertheless, we can develop a Part 2. Thanks for reading.


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